Welcome to Your French Corner cher ami. You are home. We are here to hold your hand, support you and show the way to successfully learn French fast.

One-On-One Coaching

Your French Corner is committed to providing a personalized learning experience for every student who choose to, so that they can realize their full potential in reaching fluency in French. Our language coaching focuses on your learning needs, interests, and aspirations. In an effort to tailor learning French to meet your individual needs, two options are offered:



  • For DIY learners who are confident enough to pursue their language learning on their own, but want guidance on where to start, how to efficiently structure their study and reach fluency: a clear,detailed and personalized blueprint that details everything you need to succeed even on your own.

What is included: what resources best suits your needs, what to focus on depending on your goals, strength and weaknesses, how to make the most out of the time you spend learning French and much more…



  • For those who are super serious about learning French and want occasional or continuous support to understand a specific topic, prepare for a test/a presentation/ an interview, or just brush off their knowledge. Book your one on one coaching sessions and take the guess work out off learning French.

What is included: Anything and everything that could help you reach fluency fast.

  • $14/ 20 Minutes
  • Mini Study Session
    • Mini learning session (20 minutes).
    • Learn or review the essential.
    • Summarize notions, concepts, and rules.
    • Work on a project or homework.
    • Learning materials provided including study guides and workbooks.
    • Post-session feedback.

  • $39/ hourly
  • Intensive Learning Program
    • French language courses suited to your goals & needs.
    • One 0n One conversation classes.
    • Help with homework.
    • Review sessions to prepare an exam/ a presentation/ an interview & more
    • Notes and learning materials are provided.
    • Post-session feedback.

  • $30/ hourly
  • Group Pricing
    • Pricing available for groups of 2+(3 max).
    • Also available to those who book more than 3 one-on-one lessons.
    • Boost your writing, reading and conversation skills.
    • Learning materials provided including study guides and workbooks.
    • Post-session feedback.

Book your learning session here or send me an email to get more details.

Study sessions are held on Skype or Google Hangout.
You can reschedule your study session at least 12h before the scheduled time.
All payments are made via Paypal.