Salut, Hi

I am Maria, creator of Your French Corner. I am a native French speaker and a long-time private tutor. I am passionate about learning, teaching, giving, self-improvement and creativity. I love helping others learn French, learn about France, live a fulfilled life and achieve their goals.


I believe in waking up every day to choose happiness. I believe in the power of your mind and your ability to accomplish much more than you might give yourself credit for.  I believe each of you will – in time – reach your goals and live your dream. Yes! That is how powerful you are.


My goal was to create products that are beautiful, educational, functional and inspiring for you.


I work every day on making sure your experience remains one worth having.

Every item and every detail in my prints are chosen carefully and put together with a lot of care. Being able to keep you inspired and having you decorate your home with my prints or using any of my product is a privilege.


If you purchase a product, I truly hope it brightens your day and brings you one step closer to whatever you wish for.

I hope it bring you as much joy as I had creating it for you.


Thank you for supporting your French corner. I am humbled. You are the people that inspire me and keep me going.


I would love to hear for you. Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions, or even if you just want to say hello.

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